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08 Nov Sharing with Others

This is a copy of my November article for Senior Living magazine. Let me know what you think.

Today is the autumnal equinox. Three quarters of this year are behind us. I am on a float home on Fisherman’s Wharf, where the sea is part of my every breath. The waves lap at the shore just a few feet away; the sea birds’ call is constant. Every once in a while, a kayaker slips by almost silently. I share this home with four furry entities, each with their own personality. One, I’m sure, has decided she would rather be a seagull. When they call, she responds, begging to be allowed out to play with them. She doesn’t believe me when I tell her seagulls do not like to play with furry entities.

Dawn is coming later these days. During the summer, I was often out on the balcony bathing myself in the sun’s rays by six a.m. Today, as we move into autumn, it is not only too cool to be sunbathing that early, the sun is barely showing itself in the east over the skyline of Victoria.

As I move through the autumn of my own life, I find that dawn gives me hope. Each morning, when I wake, I am grateful for another day, another opportunity to live this wonderful life I have been given in this place that, for many, would seem like paradise, yet, for me, is simply home.

If I am going to live to 100 or beyond, and I feel that I will, this month will be three quarters of my life circle completed. As this seems to be one of those “significant” numbers, I thought I would have a huge party. We’ll see, maybe, maybe not. At least those of us this age can honour the fact that we are this age. We all know too many friends that have not had this opportunity.

As we move through this fall equinox, my wish for you is to savour each ray of sunshine, snuggle down in your quilted night nests when it is dark, and share your joy… and sometimes your sadness. Share yourself with others; don’t keep you all to yourself.


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