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20 Nov Living Courageously & Outrageously through New Adventures

This was a column that I wrote during this past summer. I think it might be time to do it all again. 

Every day seemed to bring a new adventure when we were children. Novel things happened so often we believed that was what life was all about. As we matured, however, new adventures seemed to become more elusive.

What is there left to discover? We’ve heard, seen and done it all. Haven’t we? I’m here to tell you that’s not true!

Over the last little while, I have taken time away from house and pet sitting and I have tried plenty of things for the first time. Here are a few:

  1. Eating crab from the shell and cracking legs, digging crab meat out with picks and nut crackers. Delicious and fun with much laughter – mind you, the wine may have had something to do with that.
  2. Road trip down roads never traveled. On my way to a speaking engagement, I took a ferry to Langdale, then a Gran Prix-type drive to Earles Cove. I spent a delightful time in the cozy restaurant taking part in an online meeting for 90 minutes. Then, because I was the first car on the ferry to Saltry Bay, I had a front row seat for the magnificent changing seascape. Then after another fresh, green curvy drive into Powell River, I was on to my final destination: Mile 0 on highway 101, Lund, BC. This is where I sit today writing my column while watching three eagles dip and soar over the small lake 15 metres from my window.
  3. My next first was an overnight trip to Tofino and Ucluelet with my friend Pat. To all my friends, who have been giving me a bad time because I have lived on the Island for 36 years and have never been to Tofino, I will report back when I get home to Victoria.

This is all within three weeks, along with three speaking engagements sprinkled throughout. I did not venture as far as all my firsts took me last year, but it is amazing what we can find in our own backyard.

Look around and you will see places that you never thought to be.
I’d love to hear about the firsts you are accumulating in this, the third act of life. Let’s share.

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