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21 Jan I’m just all right.

Attitudes of Living Agelessly

Have you ever seen pro-wrinkle cream? No, because our culture doesn’t understand aging, our culture doesn’t understand the benefits and gifts that aging has to offer.
Speaking of pro-wrinkle cream – have you ever looked in the mirror in the morning and been shocked at the person in the mirror? Who is that person? How did they get into my bathroom? And why are there deep circles around the eyes and wrinkles on the cheeks? Something happened during the night, because I don’t look the same – something was stolen from me and I don’t like it!
The story is told by Richard Johnson of the lovely 83 year old he was interviewing. She commented on the number of old people at church that morning and when her son suggested that she was old as well, she was shocked. “I never thought of myself as old; I just thought I was all right.”

Our culture is such that by aging, we seem to be doing something wrong. Somehow we shouldn’t be doing it.

I know that I have asked this before, but here it is again. “If you didn’t know how old you were, how old would you be? What is the first number that comes to mind?” I can guarantee that 97% of us would give a number that is at least 20 years less than the number on our birth certificate. That number on your birth certificate is only the number of times you have circumnavigated the sun. If you are like me, you have more strength, more vitality, more joy of life as you find the gifts that aging brings. Rather than doing something wrong, I am doing a whole lot of things right and discovering new things to do and be every day.

Please don’t confuse youthfulness with youth. We all know people who are 90 and have the vitality of a 40 year old and conversely we all know some 35 year olds who have the mind set and the attitude of a curmudgeon.

Personally, I have nothing against age. I just never want to ACT old. I just want to be all right.

In order to be youthful, we must be willing to be mature. In order to be youthful, we must be willing to live vibrantly, every minute, every day. In order to be youthful, be thankful for all of the gifts that come to us because we are ALL RIGHT .

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