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Internationally Known

Motivational Speaker and Author

now focusing her wisdom and talents on the important topic of Aging Vibrantly.

pat_nichol_mc_1From the moment Pat steps in front of an audience, she has them interacting, laughing and planning new ways to enjoy life.
Pat has shared ideas with audiences throughout most of Canada, a good portion of the U.S., the Netherlands and Scotland.

In 2004, Pat began writing a regular column for Inspired Senior Living Magazine based on her book, Becoming Courageous and Outrageous.
Pat has been a TV Talk Show Host, a producer on a radio show, acted as background in movies and TV series.

She realizes that every step she has taken in life has led her to having the fun she is now having with her life.


Some Facts About Pat:

    • Co-founded the Women’s Business Network in her hometown of Victoria, BC
    • Certified Communications Dynamics Trainer to approximately 1500 CGA students
    • International officer of POWERtalk (ITC) responsible for the western half of N. A.
    • Author of “Power of Positive Linking” and “Becoming Courageous & Outrageous”
    • Mother of two amazing and talented adult daughters



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